Monday, December 24, 2012

Dramatically Seared Green Beans

I still remember when I first came across this recipe in 2008. It was sometime before Thanksgiving, so NPR had devoted programming time for holiday recipes. Melissa Block was interviewing the venerable Mollie Katzen for some side-dish ideas for the Thanksgiving. What Thanksgiving isn't complete without green beans? 

The idea behind the dish is a simple one. Thanksgiving is hectic enough that you want a few easy-to-make dishes that can be prepped and even cooked ahead of time. This green bean dish is precisely that. The ingredient list is short: green beans, garlic, chili flakes, salt, pepper.  The flavors are bold, but the freshness of the green beans shines through. Plus it's versatile. It tastes great fresh out of the pan or at room temperature. 

Now, I know Christmas is right around the corner. But even though the dish was inspired by Thanksgiving, it's perfect anytime of the year. The recipe below includes mushrooms, because, well, mushrooms are awesome. So consider these Dramatically Seared Green Beans if you're looking for a simple, fresh, and flavorful side dish - no matter the time of year.